C-Span Appearance – February 25th – Good Man

From: “Robert Mullen”
To: <rbrown24@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 23:57:42 -0500
Subject: C-Span Appearance – February 25th – Good Man

Dear Raymond:

I saw your appearance on C-SPAN today as a panelist on the discussion of “The Covenant with Black America”. I really enjoyed your thoughtful comments. I was particularly struck by two comments that you made.

The first was making the case for Sheila Jackson Lee being the President in 2008. I thought this was brilliant and right on target. If the Democrats are the party for Black America, and they really want to advance the notion of equality in our country why nominate a privileged white woman in 2008 over a qualified black man or woman? A black president would do a ton to level the playing field and help eliminate a lot of the subtle discrimination in America.

The second was the comment you made about your 90 year old father. Qualifying him as the greatest man you ever met instead of the greatest black man you ever met was a powerful statement about the dignity of a person. A white person (such as myself) would have qualified him as the greatest black person but in reality he is a human being first and foremost.

You seem like a very nice man, and I am sure your dad is as proud of you as you are of him.

I wish you well in bringing the covenant forward

Bob Mullen
Vernon, CT

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