Darfur Victims’ Project

Raymond M. Brown and Wanda M. Akin are trial lawyers and 2 of only 26 American attorneys admitted to practice before the International Criminal Court (ICC or Court) in The Hague.

In June 2006, the Browns traveled to The Hague and filed the 1st applications on behalf of victims of the Darfur Crisis to participate in the criminal proceedings before the ICC. Having consulted with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and practiced before the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Browns now focus their attention on providing victims of the Darfur a voice at the ICC.

The UN Security Council referred the Crisis to the Court via UN Resolution 1593 (2005). The Rome Statute, which established the ICC, grants victims rights to participate in the Court’s proceedings from the investigation phase through appeal – a first in the international criminal justice system – only after victims file formal applications with the ICC and they are approved by a Pre-Trial Chamber of Judges to participate.

At this stage, the Browns have identified and compiled data from potential victims of the Darfur Diaspora in Sudan, Chad and the United States, including Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire and New York. To assist in this process, New Jersey health care professionals have volunteered to provide medical and mental health services to victims. Information from these examinations will enhance pending and future applications.

The Browns are accepting additional pre-applications for Darfurian victims. Victims include any person against whom an offence may have been committed including economic loss and physical, emotional or mental harm caused to the victim. The harm or loss must have occurred in Sudan after July 1, 2002. Darfurians in the Diaspora need not have been in Sudan if a close family member suffered harm or loss. Additionally, Darfurians may apply on behalf of victims who currently reside in Sudan.

If you are a victim or have information on victims, please contact us via email at akinlaw@akinandrandolph.com or via phone at 973-623-6834. You may also complete the contact sheet found here and remit same to our office.

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