Writings by Wanda M. Akin Esq.:

  • Wanda M. Akin, Justice on the Cheap, 28 T. Jefferson L. Rev. 19 (2005).
  • Nuremberg Justice and the Beast of Impunity,” International Conference: Judging Nuremberg: The Law, The Rallies, The Trials – Returning to Courtroom 600 on the 60th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials. The Laws, The Rallies, The Trials. Anticipated publication, Festchrift, International Conference Nuremberg: The Laws, The Rallies, The Trials, Winter 2006.

Writings by Raymond M. Brown Esq.:

Bearing Witness: Raymond Brown Believes No One Is Beyond Redemption, New Jersey Super Lawyers news article by Michael Y. Park (April 2009)
Sudan Victim Lawyers recount their experience with the ICC so far, VRWG Bulletin (Summer/Autumn 2007)
Intermediaries in Peril, Institute for War and Peace Reporting by Katy Glassborow (July 2008)
Legal Representatives for Darfur Victims, Attorneys Raymond M. Brown and Wanda M. Akin, Urge United Nations Security Council Not To Defer Indictment of Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashirs read full press release.
Letter to the members of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council opposing a deferral of the indictment of Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir, the President of Sudan issued on March 4, 2009